Greetings in the name of Jesus. On Tuesday evening 13 March, our much loved Tom passed on to be with the Lord. Although a shock, there was time for family to gather around him before he died in peace. Many thanks to hospital staff who made Tom comfortable and assisted family in saying good bye. Some have already heard the news and given messages of encouragement for which I and my family are thankful.

Well done good and faithful servant. With thanks to God for 56 years with my beloved Tom...

Anne Jewett, Alexander and Victoria.

St John’s Anglican Church
Fenton Street, Devonport TAS
on 9th April 2013.
We are creating a DVD of the Remembrance Service, including the eulogy and various tributes to Tom's life and ministry.
If you would like to order a copy when available, please email us with your postal address.
The Isaiah 61 Team.

Welcome to the Australian website of Tom Jewett. For many years now, Tom & his wife Anne travelled in the course of ministry, there have been requests for a Teaching Manual. Teaching folk, in almost every Christian denomination, the principles of "Wholeness According to God" continually made us aware of our Lord and Saviour's assistance to understand and follow His ways.
Allow us to share and introduce you to the book, CD's and DVD which are dedicated to all the hundreds of people who have prayed for us, and faithfully supported our ministry over many years, without whom, neither the ministry nor the book, CD's and DVD would have been possible.

The purpose of the book is to help those who are genuinely searching for the truth, to have their faith strengthened, and placed on firm foundations. It is hoped that this, with the other information provided will assist them to find, and share with others, the spiritual freedom and wholeness our Lord wishes us all to have.

May the Lord Jesus Christ guide you.

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